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Transfer box KAMAZ

It is necessary for the distribution of torque and recoil. torque to the front axle and the bogie axles. Mount it on the frame spar and longitudinal beam located between the cross members on the brackets with 4 cushions of rubber.

Use to KAMAZ 4310, 43114, 43118, and other models with all-wheel drive. < h3> consists of:

- input, differential housing, intermediate. shafts, shaft front-wheel drive. Bridge and an output drive shaft carriage bridges
- pinion
- gear selection powerful, the intermediate shaft, the highest stage, the central differential gear
-. dispenser housing. Boxes
- couplings enable the lower and higher degrees, differential lock
- epicycle differential

Carter razdatki cast, with vert. connector. There is a hatch on top, close lid required for selection montazhakorobki powerful .. The rear jack. end casing is a box with a PTO speed comprising the output shaft disposed in the housing on the bearing cup 2 with ball bearings.

Reducer razdatki include primary, intermediate, front drive. axle shafts, axle Differential ..

Changing gears in razdatke occurs by means of a pneumatic-with us, comp. of the 3-position of the cam in the crane cab, leather cat-th control located on the instrument panel, 2-fur-zmov shift membrane type transmission, signaling switch incl. low gear located on the housing fur-ZMA, pneumatic pipelines.

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