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Engine d-21

The D-21 tractor T-16, T-25F, T-25

units, units and diesel mechanisms mounted directly on the crankcase, a flywheel casing and the timing gear cover. downstream tractor left are the fuel system, the inlet conduit and outlet conduit, the average deflector and candle vnutrivsasyvayuschego heating pipeline. The front of the engine are neck filler, an axial fan disposed in it generator with clamp tape fixing guide vanes to cover distribution, service meter, a centrifuge (reactive), filter elements coarse and fine scrapings fuel probe-oil level gauge, the fan drive pulley and the generator with deposited on it marks the top and bottom dead points - TDC, BDC and mark the beginning of fuel supply pump -. T

on the right the drive mechanism of the decompressor, the trigger starter nozzle and shroud in The fan. Behind the engine crankcase is mounted flywheel casing. Work D-ring 21 includes four strokes: intake, compression, power stroke and then release .

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