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Steering and brakes

Parts of the tractor T-25 "Vladimirovets"

It is nothing more than a wheel versatile machine class 0.6 tonnes with half-frame, rear wheel drive and front - driven. Reverse all the main gear makes it possible to apply in both types of stroke - front and rear. Track and ride height is fully adjustable. The D-21 diesel, capacity of 20 horsepower with a turnover equal to 1600 rpm.

This is used in gardens, kitchen gardens and small areas of the field for their fertilizer, as it is used for weed and pest control, for sowing, planting and harvesting vegetables and hay, light soil plowing. It can also be used as a drive of stationary cars on the loaders, construction and as transport.

It was created tractor T-25 based on the previously released machine DT-20. In the process improvement replaced engine, introduced constantly-closed clutch, an inclined steering column, brake technically improved floating type, also replaced tractor controls and set more comfortable sprung driver's seat. With the increase in capacity and increased performance of the unit and re-planning controls to improve the quality control.

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