Kraz, maz

Kraz, maz

Spare parts for KrAZ and MAZ


The good permeability in combination with high load-carrying capacity and excellent maneuverability, and high structural strength in the pair to withstand high loads, provided a good mix money to make cars and special equipment KrAZ almost indispensable in a variety of industries.


People who buy products from this manufacturer, with great pleasure buy different types of passenger and cargo vehicles, and a large selection of original parts. MAZ any production car equipped with original spare parts made specifically for him. At the factory constantly innovate thereby increasing the reliability of equipment. factory warranty is 60 thousand kilometers in compliance with a plan. Engines, which put in the MAZ, comply with Euro-3,4,5 standards, which essentially gives a guarantee of maximum reliability and environmental friendliness, and, in turn, gives a minimum amount of noise during the operation.

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