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YaMZ 236, 238

Diesel exist modification turbocharged and without, V-shaped, 236 (six-cylinder), 238 (with eight cylinders) 4-stroke cycle, installed in the supersize vehicles ( "KAMAZ", "Ural", "KRAZ" "MAZ" et al.), the tractor (K-700), armored personnel carriers, builds. technique, and so on. d .. Also there are 240 (with twelve cylinders) in this family. In basic versions turbocharging not installed.

The apparatus diesel

pump power system is presented mechanical performance, with a pump section for each cylinder, direct-injection. It is situated in the collapse of the cylinder block. inlet conduits are also in the disintegration unit. Valve fur-gp OHV, valves are in the head and are driven via rocker arms and the rods from the bottom. a camshaft disposed above the crankshaft and driven by two gears located at the front end of the engine and closed lid. Number of valves per cylinder - 2 rods with roller tappets. On the crankshaft crankpins are placed at 90 ° in the case of YaMZ 238, and 120 ° in the case of YaMZ-236, which gives uniform flash every 90 ° to 238 motor, but uneven (at 90 ° and 150 °) 236 motor. The connecting rods are biased. The engine is cooled by liquid method. Cylinder liners of cast iron high strength. All valves are supplied with 2 springs. By means of the lock plate spring Comm. with the valve, thereby ensuring its rot. while the diesel engine.

Camshaft stamped from steel, the movement of the jaws, the individual performance of each of the valves, as rods with roller tappets. Crankshaft produce steel with the method of hot stamping. The first and fourth cranks are angled 180 ° in a plane perpendicular to the cat-th to second and third planes that are offset relates. each other also at 180 °.

pump six / eight plunger is muzhdu cylinder banks. Drive - centrifugal clutch with autoregulation fuel injection timing. All pistons are arranged in-line manner.

Pistons 4 kolechnye, cast from an aluminum alloy with high silicon content.

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