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Coupling KrAz, MAZ

On KrAZ give dry clutch with two discs with peripherally arranged cylindrical. springs.
Mech. clutch control actuator with spring reinforcement. Driven wheels gained strength to join the 2nd independent springs. the clutch housing is made of cast iron and has at the bottom of the closed hatch cover.


Coupling KrAza structurally similar adhesion MAZ. The difference lies in the fact that the clutch KrAZovskom put 2 and 2 push-driven drive and driven wheels, in turn, do not have a torsional vibration damper. The 2-hdiskovom clutch to lock the correct position of the average. pressure plate has 4 adjustable. screw. The gap between the ends is adjustable. screws and surfaces. medium pressure plate when the clutch is engaged to be sostbyt 1 mm.

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