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PPC YaMZ-236N - a mechanical-type shaft axis fixed, gear position. gearing (gears other than the first transmission and ZH), 3-hhodovaya with five stages, with synchronizers 2-3 and 4-5 gears that provide a shock-free, noiseless gearchange.


CAT Carter cast iron, cast, attached to the casing engage. 8th bolts. Centering housing Transmission occurs in the clutch housing via the cover. Left on the crankcase is a control aperture to control the oil level in the crankcase, and bottom - 2 threaded holes with plugs to drain the oil. The underside of the casing has a window for installation of the cover with magnets, and a grid for filtering oil flowing to the pump through the channel. Between the cover and the casing should condense. gasket. The front and rear walls of the housing have holes. for mounting of bearings and threaded holes. . For mounting and fixing the bearing caps
The Transmission shaft 3 are: master, slave and intermediate. Integrally with the drive gear (helical), the drive shaft is made fast. engaging the ring gear to turn on the fourth transfer and cone synchronizer. The shaft rotates in bearings 2. The front ball bearing is placed nest crankshaft, rear - in the nest front transaxle housing wall. The axial displacement in the housing shaft is secured by means of retaining ring, bearing and cover. Rear bearing press-fitted to the drive shaft, and further fixed by a ring nut.

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