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Frame KrAZ, MAZ

This is the foundation of any truck and need to be installed on all the units it constructs. car. To ensure proper engagement and a stable operation of all components of aggregates frame required to be very strong and rigid. KrAz frame comprises several transverse beams traverse-and 2-side members of the longitudinal beams. The beams are produced by hot stamping from sheet steel. For the production of traverse is used carbon steel, and for spar - Low alloy. Spars with varying cross section along its length - smaller at both ends and larger in the middle. On the spars are fixed bracket side engine mounts, springs, etc. Gura

Design Features

on the front of the frame buffer is set, and the rear -. Trailer coupling fur-gp. The front part of the frame is completed as tow hooks or towing fork. Transverse and longitudinal beams of the frame are fastened to each other by rivets. At the rear of the amplifiers used (diagonal stretching), separate crosspiece box section. Vehicles with airborne platforms compared with tippers greater length. Also, the frame can be mounted to traverse an additional installation of support hydraulic ram cylinder.
spars are produced from steel of high strength and resistance to corrosive factors. Frame can use at the temperature from -70 to 450 degrees.

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