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Suspension MAZ / KrAZ

Part of the chassis and serves as a link between the road and the vehicle body. In this technique provides beam type rear suspension. This is a rather complex structure. element comprising a plural of fine details. A specific role for the rocker and its axis.

balancer suspension

Looking for a uniformly distributed. load between the wheels and mitigate impacts from the road during driving.
The KrAZ ustanavlivayut2 balance, the cat-s use. suspension mounting springs via ladders. The axis of the rocker is pressed into the balancer itself and serves as a screed. 2 Therefore, these e-ta yavl. Basic set balancer DEVICE.
himself balancer status. from a large of number of e-ing, but in spite of this it is called a priori a single sub-assembly. Therefore, experts do not recommend those services carry out the disassembly of the balance on their own. Balancer and yavl axis. stabilization elements. Repair slischkom consuming process so often produce the replacement of the entire assembly if it allows the fin. side of the issue.

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