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Brakes KrAz, MAZ

These vehicles are equipped with a working cat-th acts on each wheel substitute (parking) acting on the rear wheel axle and the average and auxiliary Brk. with-my being in with-me otbrabot release. gas.
All the brake mechanisms with-we operate thanks to compressed air pneumatic system.

Working Torm. System

Need to control the vehicle speed and stop it with the desired efficiency. It combines brake fur-zmy and pneumatic. separate drive. type mechanisms - a drum with 2 ext. symmetrically arranged pads and cam rozzhimom.

Replacement (parking) Brk. System

It is necessary for fixing the car is stationary. F-AI spare it performs in the cases when the operation fails.

Auxiliary Torm. a-ma

Throttling type, compression, with pnevmatoprivodom and necessary to reduce the loading of macrobiotic Torm. fur-zmov working Torm. with-us. During use of engine braking is carried inoperative (fuel supply is turned off) by increasing the counter pressure in the outlet. tract.

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