The first model in the factory created a small truck tonnage UAZ-450D. In 05.1966, in the Exhibition Center, Moscow, modification of UAZ-452D has received the gold medal.
15.12.1972 of the production line came first in Ulyanovsk UAZ-469.
18.02.1974, with the conveyor descended million UAZ
In 1985, upgraded all-terrain vehicle and gave it the new designation 3151. Further modifications produced in the 31512, 31514, 31519, and others. until 2005. In 1999, mastered the production version with the extended base of UAZ-3159 "Bars».

in the 1980s, we began to develop a new model line of larger off-road cars, but in a series of UAZ-3160 only went in 1997.
In 2000. We began producing modified and elongated model UAZ-3162 "Simbir".
Models "UAZ" are constantly improving.
In December 2003, the old UAZ-3151 was replaced by a new UAZ "Hunter". As of 2005 we mastered the production of the UAZ Patriot and UAZ Pickup in 2008

The motto of the UAZ is "UAZ -.. The nature of the Movement" Rear stake in the company owned by JSC. "Sollers" (67,77%) .

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