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Ctseplenie UAZ-469,31512,31514

It is a single-disk dry, and shows the pressure plate to the casing, compression springs and tie-down levers, clutch disc with friction. pads and vibration damper.

The circuit breaker Device in

Includes located on the pressure plate of tie-down levers, clutch off. coupling with stop podshipn., which is located on the cover bearing the master. Gearshift shaft and forks off located on the clutch housing.

It should be reminded that no vehicles with UMP and all with engines ZMZ mounted dry clutch with one disk and a central compression spring diaphragm type.

determines the type of coupling used in this way - by looking at the location of the office. cylinder off. clutch, if the left is used with pressure springs and tie-down levers, and if the right - to the center. diaphragm compression spring.

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