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This car is completed with a manual transmission with 4 stages, supplies synchronizers inertia. the type required for the inclusion of various programs in the absence of noise and rumble. Synchronizers are required to align the Port speed. tines to enter them into engagement as Mismatch motor rotation speed the wheel speed. PPC also provides the ability to move backwards.

Driving PPC

In the clutch housing screwed studs for attaching the PPC. On the drive of the intermediate shaft has a gear in constant mesh. Gear 1st transfer - spur, 2nd and 3rd - spiralezubye. Located on the drive shaft (doubly) and supported by needle bearings. During power up the second clutch gear is first. Inclusion of the rear transmission. stroke and the first is due to the displacement gear. At the checkpoint used ball bearings. To avoid traffic on the axles, gears are strengthened by means of the rear bearing. Rear bearing of the intermediate shaft is fixed to the bolt shaft.
On Device ve shift fork 3 is fixed to the rods and locking screws located in the side cover. Stopper spherical shape neutral position and incl. Transmission is equipped with a rod. Lock crackers located between the rods do not allow to include in one time 2 assists. In the support itself is a lever which serves as an assistant to move the forks. He is urged by a spring to the reference spherical. surface. Put the lever bellow protects against penetration DEVICE dust and dirt. To prevent accidental reverse gear there is a fuse - a role which carries a plunger equipped with a return spring and a ball
The lubricating device box combined with razdatkoy.. Lubrication of the transfer box falls through the 2-row angular bearing and drain -uporny Device in, after returning through the drain hole.

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