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Bridges UAZ

In the car wagon-type (such as a "loaf", "tadpole", "farmer"), on the "long Goats" (3153 *), and most "classical goat" mount the so-called "Civil" ( "regular", "the farm") Bridge. Also note that in part on the model with index -03x give it "war" (aka "gear", "+2 step", "U-shape") bridges. On the "updated goats" (with an index of 316 *) put the bridges of "Spicer" with one-piece crankcase. In turn, "Bars" (3159 *) and * 316 to increase. track mounted "long war" bridges with gearboxes and lengthen stockings.

Differences military from civilian bridges

The main difference is that the military bridge completes the final drives. Due to the raised bridge carries. wheel axis 40 mm, soot. uveleichivaetsya ground clearance. Because of this, military bridges are also called "U-shaped". In the case of a military bridge torque is not necessary entirely on GPU, and is distributed between the main pair and gearboxes. This allows you to reduce the size of the most important pairs (Carter "hangs" on 40 mm lower than that of the civilian cars). Also in the main pair of smaller teeth, and they are oversized - which improves the reliability of a military bridge votnositelno civil. Transfer numbers of military bridges is 5.38 - more than "high-torque", but, in turn, has fewer high-speed characteristics than conventional bridges. Rear card. Military shaft axle 10mm shorter than civil.
Up to 1989 civilian bridges mounted main pair with the transfer. number of 5.125 (with 41 teeth), and now - a 4.625 (37 teeth), ie, "speed", but less "strong"... On sale are available and those and others. The replacement is performed when installing enlarged wheels. It is recommended to replace with supplied only way, otherwise the front bridge will need to be included only in the mud, snow, sand, etc., in order to avoid failure of the handout and untimely deterioration of rubber.

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