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Steering UAZ-469

vlyuchaet steering fur-gp to the steering wheel and drive.

The steering mechanism

of gear is mounted on the left frame spar by means of 3 screws. His working pair believe globoid worm and roller with two ridges. Worm vpressovanny directly with the hollow shaft is disposed in said housing for 2-conical. roller bearings. Reliability ligament worm keyed to the shaft protrusion guaranteed slots and the steering worm.
in engagement with the worm roller is with 2 crests, Int. annular grooves cat th yalyayutsya also work surface. 2-hryadnogo ball bearing disposed on an axle, fixed in the head shaft bipod. Bipod shaft rotates in bearings 2: in bronze. vpresovannogo bush in the crankcase, and cylindrical. roller bearings, located in the side cover housing helmsman. fur-PCA, the shank of the shaft head comes into a groove on the adjusting screw, screwed into the side crankcase cover and fixed by a lock washer and a pin, pressed into the cover and then closes the cap nut.

Val worm helmsman. fur-ZMA is connected to the steering shaft by a hinge with a crosspiece on needle bearings. Bearings fixed on the forks raskernovkoy edges of mounting holes.

steering UAZ-469 revolves inside the column tube on the control shaft 2 ball bearings. Axial displacement of the shaft offset by a spring disposed between the lower spacer podshipn. and side plate.
protective washer with the upper spacer. bearing fixed on the shaft by means of circlips located in the recesses of the shaft.
In the upper. part of the handlebar. column is the contact sleeve, for a cat-th screw fastened at poomschi wire audio signal. Screw with contact sleeve isolated from the "weight" of the sleeve.
The steering column ladder and rubber bushing fixed to the bulkhead brace as well as the instrument panel.

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