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Brakes UAZ 469

It is completed with two independently functioning Torm. with Mami-: with-my service brakes wheels with pneumatic and hydraulic. Drive and-my parking. brakes mechanically. drive.

The brakes work

The front brakes are equipped with two wheel cylinders, separately acting on the pads as opposed to the rear acting on both pads.
Brake shield 469 th fixed with a knuckle gear wheel on the lid, and 469B on the steering knuckle pin.
on the boards by means of support pins and the nuts 2 are fixed the wheel cylinder. On the supporting fingers between the goals themselves under their heads as well as the reference. Wheeled eyelets. cylinder "dead" planted bronzes. cams on the cat's turn Torm. pads. Supporting ends pad carries. Torm. Shield displaced by turning reference. fingers with eccentrics

At the wheel cylinder has 2 holes:. 1st req. for Brk supply. fluid from with-we drive, and the second air discharge of a we-while leveling; it closes the bypass valve seals in the folded position. The internal parts of the wheel cylinders are closed from moisture, dust and dirt by rubber caps.
The brakes of the rear wheels 469 th and 469B differ only in the shape of shields.

rear wheel brake

With one wheel cylinder on the two pads. Pistons, condense. ring and the other parts are similar to the front brake.
decreased by Torm. shield fingers are bearing on the cat-s dress similar front Brk. adjusting bronzes. eccentrics refers. cat's pad and swing.
pads rear brake pad linings shorter front pads. It is necessary that the wear of the rear and front linings was equal.
drums themselves are identical dyal all wheels.
Drums be fastened to the hub by means of screws 3 are unevenly circumferentially spaced thereby providing a drum assembly solely on the hub in one objectified. Pos. Whereby treated with the hub drum.

Hydraulic brake

The hydraulic service brake UAZ 469 includes a brake pedal, GC, with connection pipes. fitting and wheel cylinders.

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