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Body UAZ-469

These vehicles have an open simplified body, and in the case of bad weather you can use a gentle tent with metal extensions mounted on the 4th side doors. The car body was placed on a firm, both torsionally rigid frame on the basis of the spar.

Canvas awning with folding and reclining on the hood of the windshield create the possibility of transportation by air and the possibility of easy concealment. Exterior doors may also be used for machines with a hard top made of metal, with the possibility of easy removal of their upper halves.

The all-metal body

This raznovinost born into the world as a prototype far in 1967 but to begin its production due to complete large body panels pressing and kuhovnogo housing is still a large amount of time was not possible.

can be on such a car to carry up to 7 passengers and about 100kg of baggage or other variations but subject to weight. Even on the road UAZ could tow trailers, such as the GAS-704 with a total mass of about 850 kg minute.

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