Gaz-3302 "gazelle"

Gaz-3302 "gazelle"

in the car spare parts GAZ-3302 "Gazelle"

GAZ-3302 - a series of small tonnage machines, which are produced at GAZ to 30.06.1994 year. Gathering the family "Gazelle" is also produced in the factories of the CIS countries and far abroad from Russian Russian-made kits (so-called "otvortochnaya assembly"). In 2003 he was made restyling and was released the second generation model. The difference lies in the new plumage, grille, bumpers, light engineering. August 2005 saw the release of millions of "Gazelle».

Gazelle can be classified as H1 (M1), the permissible weight not exceeding 3500 kg, making it possible to manage a driver's license category "B", as the Gazelle not valid sign of "movement of trucks prohibited" with the condition that the weight is not specified. In the case of management by minibus "Gazelle" need a driver's license category "D".

Since 2010, started production of a new version of the best quality under the name of "Gazel-Business." In the spring of 2013 began to produce the next generation - Gazelle Next. From its predecessors the new Gazelle took only a frame, gearbox and rear axle. Cab evolved become much larger. 16.10.2013 year showed a new "Gazelle-the CNG business" with the engine running on biofuel UMP-421647 at the International Exhibition GasSUF "GAZ Group". Since 2014 these machines went to series.

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