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Engine ZMZ-40630A GAZ-3302 A-92 110 hp (karbyur.)

This engine is a gasoline, four-stroke, with the circuit gazoraspred. submitted 4 valves, 2 overhead camshafts, a spark plug centrally located.
Supplied carburetor system with power and microprocessor-my upravl.zazhiganiem feedback detonation sensor.
unit is adapted iron thereby guaranteeing high rigidity of the structure. and the stability and performance parameters of the engine, which improves its reliability and durability.
To reduce the complexity of service used in the process of hydraulic valve tappets and seatbelt circuits, sensors which are not serviceable, v-ribbed belt drive of auxiliary units.
Engine needed for installation on light-duty trucks such as "Gazelle" minibuses, etc ..

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