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GAZ-3302 Clutch

It is completed with a dry, single-disk, fasting. included engages. hydraulically fur ZMA-off.

Includes aluminum crankcase, turning off the clutch with bearing and fork, the master and slave drives, main and working cylinders, cat-s Port. hose and tube. In the case of equipment driving. ZMZ-406 and 4215-UMP give exclusively coupling with the diaphragms. spring.

In the case of motor ZMZ-402 can be set as the aperture, and a spring-lever engages.

Drive plate (adhered cart.)

Includes with a diaphragm cover. a spring support rings and pressure. drive. Spring standing on the casing, the end presses on the pressure plate.

The slave disk

Submitted hub splined holes. and 2 discs with priklepanymi springs to one of them. On both sides put frictions. lining.

The leaf springs with bends, make it possible to better adhere the disk and smooth jerks in transmission at vklyuch.stsepleniya.

For a smooth transfer of torque. moment during the beginning of the movement or change of gear in the drive windows put dempf. spring.

The conducted disk is pressed with pom. push. basket drive. Through friction. pads that enhance the friction torque. time is given to the drive plate, and further in the primary. Gearshift shaft, with the cat-th slave drive communications. splined comp.

In order to temporarily release the engine to the transmission, there actuator is off. clutch. While pressing the clutch pedal, GC clutch piston moves forward.

The displacement fluid that is forced through a tube and hose enters the office. cylinder thereby pushes it out of the plunger with the rod.

rod acts on the plug shank, the cat-th turning on a spherical bearing, the other end bearing cover by moving the gearbox clutch are turned off. clutch. clutch bearing pushing the end of the aperture blades. spring. Deforming the spring ceases to press the pressure plate, the first cat, in turn, "releases" the slave, and the return torque. the time is completed.

in the outer part of the fur-gp clutch crankcase sump is covered with a tray (ZMZ-402 UMP-4215). Carter by means of bolts 6 and 2 amps is fixed to the cylinder block. On the reverse side to the crankcase 4 are screwed for fixing studs CAT.

on the housing landing seat is working cylinder engages. and a window for the plug assembly. To stiffen the bottom placed power.

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