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CAT GAZ-3302

It is mechanical, with five stages, three-shaft transmission with 5th promoting. the transfer.

In many respects, it is similar to CAT GAZ-3110 "Volga". The difference lies in the larger gear ratio in each gear except for the fourth, and high build. changeover lever. . And a length of the lower end of the lever

It consists of:

The front and rear aluminum crankcases and Port. through the gasket 10 th bolts perpendicular to the shaft axis. The bores in the crankcase radial ball bearings are primary, secondary and intermediate shaft with the gear position. engagement with oblique teeth. Gears secondary. a shaft disposed on needle roller podshipn.s plastic separators. Gear 2nd, 3rd, 5th and gear drive between. shaft are pressed in between. shaft and form the gear unit. Gear teeth 1st gear (and ZK are at the intermediate shaft. The intermediate gear ZK gets rolling in all gears and at neutral pos. Gear shifts. Relies on her roller in a fixed axis, attached to the crankcase.

Transfer supplied with inertia. synchronizers and gear rims are engaged with the gears by means of splines.

Fur-gp gear is made up of rods with forks and heads in slots cat's nah. the lower end of the shift lever. Lock incl. proish gear dit via spring-loaded balls. The locking device comprising two plunger and locking pin does not allow the inclusion of 2-transmissions at one time. shifter completed damper device control, which prevents it from resonating with the high frequency rot. crankshaft.

The rear end of the secondary splined. shaft engages with the sliding plug card. transfer. shank fork hits the stalebabbitovuyu extension sleeve rear. transaxle housing and moving in the sleeve and the splines are secondary. compensating shaft and the axial movement of the card. transmission during operation of the rear suspension.

on the secondary. shaft mounted master. helical gear needed speedometer drive.

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