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Rear Axle Gas-3302

The hard rear axle beam is presented, which consists of the rear axle housing and pressed into him axle housing. Drive with differents. together constitute the reducer, mounted in holes on the crankcase housing and then secured with bolts mpomoschi. Such design is called "Banjo».

The main transfer

Is the hypoid drive axle. gears located. below apply. slave axis 42 mm. Transfer. GP number is 4,556.

Leading. pinion is made with a shaft and placed two conical roller. bearings.

The driven gear is attached to the box Differential satellites. using bolts and it stands on the 2-roller conical. bearings.

wheel differential satellites includes satellites axis 2, 4 and 2 satallita conical. polusevye gear with the reference. washers.

In otv.poluosevyh spline gears include splined ends of the semi-axes. On the other hand semiaxes flanges are connected with the rear hubs. wheels with studs and nuts. Hub tries. on the rear axle housing. Bridge for 2 conical roller. podshipn.

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