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Brakes GAZ-3302

Used hydraulic brake including 2-hkamerny vacuum booster and the main thing. Brake. . Cylinder


- hopper torm.zhidkosti
- 2-servo chamber with pusher
- brake pedal
- sensor braking switch signal
- the master cylinder
- front and rear brake circuit tubes
- a support bracket with the front wheels
- a brake disc of the front wheel
- signaling an alarm level drop the liquid in the tank
- the parking brake and the sensor
- cable rear parking brake
- the parking brake equalizer
- rear cable
- brake drum count subcontroller rear wheels
- cylinder
- axle housing
- a loading spring
- pressure regulator
- brake pad

can be seen that with takiaya -ma is a mixed type - the front wheel brake disc method, and the rear roll method. The front wheels are equipped with. holes for cooling during braking

The rear brake cylinder is provided with a piston 2 and Automatic. adjusting the gap between the drum pads.
The maximum wear amount unduly be more 283mm. On top of the brake mechanism is eccentric to adjust the pads at the time of their replacement.

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