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Body GAZ-3302

Design features

The frames of all modifications. and "Gazelle" Performances formed spars channel iron, adjustable-height of the section, which are joined by tubular cross-members and plate, the plate-like cross member serve as a support for the power unit and promopory card. transmission.

The body is fixed to the frame in 6 points through spec. rubber pads with brackets, and 4 points -. Hard Way (. near the rear wheel arches)


It is an all-metal, steel, with arranged between the cab and cargo cabin partition . Body 5 door: swing of the driver and passengers with him, the sliding side door and 2 rear-hinged doors. The side door is secured to the body at the 3-fur-zmah with roller guides. At the door glass cockpit sink. At the bus performance glass and placed in the rear doors.

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In the cockpit there are 2 front seats. series, as well as 2 double rear seat. series. The driver's seat as opposed to passenger adjustable in height and angle seat cushion, back and longitudinal MOVEMENT .. All seats are equipped with seat belts, extreme - 3-point inertia. coils and central - half-length, 2-point. The buses 6 (7), and 8 (9) seats can be mounted with Automatic lap belts. coil which do not require adjustment.

Thermal and noise insulation body includes a multilayer molded upholstery bulkhead elements, plywood sheets, ceiling trim, and floor mats, door trim and walls with foam sheets. Additionally the bottom and the roof in the manufacture of coated vibopoglosch. mastic. Body in turn phosphated, primed and coated with enamel.

Tightness apertures conditioned using rubber gaskets.

Body GAZ-3302 -33023 and are separate from the cab, open, board, with metallich.platformoy, wooden flooring and reclining sides (except the front). Chance mnotazh cloth awning.

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