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The engine ZMZ 4022.10

A precondition for the birth of the engine light with pre- combustion chamber jet ignition in the "gas" was the mass production of similar motors Japanese automaker "Honda" in 1972, which succeeded in bypassing the Soviet patent priority . Domestic engine was designated GAZ-4022.10. Unlike GAS-24D served new cylinder head with the other gas channels complement. small inlet valves required premix chamber, with-my air intake, customized release, will increase. valve lift as well as a modernized camshaft.
addition developed under active engine carburetor K-156 updated construction, distributor, new c-th Cooling. engine similar to the engine-me VAZ-2101, a water pump is placed in the cylinder block. These were the first engines with air filters are used in filter paper. e-t. After that, the documentation for the production has been transferred ZMZu cat first since 1981 put them into a series, but under his own name - ZMZ-4022.10


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