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Rear suspension GAS-24

Performed on 2 semielliptic longitudinal asymmetrical leaf springs, working together with 2 Telesc. dampers 2-sided action. In addition vert. loads from the sprung mass of the machine springs take the pushing and braking force, torque and braking moments.

Front suspension GAZ-24

It is an independent, lever type, twisted-cylindrical. springs that work together with 2 Telesc. absorbers and stabilizer bar; and detachable mounted on the crosspiece and is an independent unit.

In order to maintain the stability of the front wheel mounting angles and reduce the cost of the front suspension cross member MOT produced in the form of a rigid beam forged with dies. heads at the ends.

The upper and lower suspension arms are placed across the vehicle and equipped with longitudinal axes of the swing. lower arm axis pressed into holes. middle part forged beams and the upper axis. levers fixed with screws 2 to the stamp. heads.

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