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Brakes GAS-2410,31029

Its feature is the use of vacuum amplifier, zablokirovannnogo with 2 tsilindor contour main brake, unlike Hydro amplifier GAZ-2410 using a separate divider circuits Brk. system.

Device of braking system

features 2-bedroom to be independent Torm. systems that form the service and parking brakes.

Working Torm. a-ma is provided with two parallel acting Hydraulic sectional. actuators (contours). In the event of failure of one ihz their second brake the efficiency according to the spare-us. This a-ma is a hydraulic, acting on all wheels. It includes front and rear drum fur-zmy, wheel and hydraulic drive. The actuator comprises a brake pedal, a vacuum booster, GTZ, signal Machines of failure of one of the circuits, with the pressure regulator IU-rear brake pipes as well as with comp. armature

The parking Torm. a-ma is mechanical and operates only on the rear wheels.

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