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Body GAZ-24

Volga made a few modifications, gathering on the basis of 2 main types of bodies - a sedan and station wagon. Body differ externally inside of layout, design and rear seats also. Wagon is equipped behind a large single door, which is suspended on the two outer loops with the horizon. axis.


On the basis of a 4-door sedan produced GAS-24 (commonly. desig.) and Gas-24-01. Body seats with two ryada.Szadi there has a compartment for luggage in the cat-th are spare wheel and tools. Honors GAZ-24-01 from the GAZ-24 bookmark. in the absence of the radio and ext. Drive to the castle left rear. doors, there is a taximeter and a lantern "freedom." Body light green color; on the front. doors deal "Taxi" icon; Seat covers -. artificial leather

On the basis of wagon GAZ-24-02 produced and prepared for release sanitary GAZ-24-03. Spare wheel and tools in this body are in spec. rear compartment, and are accessed through the specials. hatch regardless of the location of luggage.

Body made of metal, welded supporting structure, most of the structural units and e-values ​​of a data body is unified.

frame in the ordinary sense is absent. All loads that arise during movement body perceives, cat-th frame is formed as a rigid welded system that amplifies the outside facing panels.
front to body short is the sub-frame is required for mounting the engine, front suspension and radiator . Frame is welded to the base body. Rear fenders are also welded.

Body subjected to corrosion Khim. processing, namely fosfatirovke cat th forms on the metal block. the surface layer of the water-insoluble phosphate comp. Subsequently, the primer body elektroosazhdepiey provide. forming a protective film on a smooth appearance. and ext. surfaces.

in order to protect the coating from the mechanical. damage, as well as for CREATE. thermal insulation and sound insulation, the lower part of the body, including the floor, ext. the surface of the wings, the inclined portion of the front. shield, mud flaps, wheels, special treated smooth layer. mastic number 579 and number 213 by hand or spraying method. Also mastic cover ext. part of the doors and mudguards front and rear wings. The base body is coated within spec. vibration damping sheet mastic.

Thermal and sound insulation of the body is increased by pasting on the inside of the outer door panels and the front shield honeycomb cardboard, and the roof is glued foam.

Exterior Paint baking enamels is carried out high quality.

All curved glass, are made of polished glass high strength. Windshield and rear window openings of the body is mounted in the outside using the rubber seal with an underlying sealing layer. mastic.

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