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PKP "Motor-Agro" has its own production capacity that allows you to perform various kinds of work, type and slozhnosti.Park equipment includes lathes (including CNC), milling (including CNC ), grinding, drilling, and other boring machines.

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Blanking section

Presented tape high saw and machine gas and plasma cutting machine for flat parts.

The thermal site

It has a unique oven carbonization details increases the wear resistance and extreme pressure properties of parts without deformation and surface growth.

Own design department makes it possible to work on the samples of the customer with the preparation of complete design documentation.

We are interested in constant clients with serial polyvinyl products s, but we do not deny and one-off orders.

We are dedicated to dolgosronoe and mutually beneficial cooperation so that we offer products and services always meet the high quality, competitive price and the lowest possible manufacturing / delivery time.

We call you back

MOTOR-AGRO recommends

Parts manufacturing facilities for tractors and combines on your drawings!

If it is not found in the needed parts catalog, the Motor-Agro experts as soon as possible ready to make it in the required amount according to your drawings.

For more information and orders please call directly to the engineering department:
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