replacements Zil-130

Zil-130 equipped with an 8-cylinder engine carburetor Zil-130 with four-stroke, V-shaped overhead valves, capacity is 148 liters. from. at 3000 rpm, with a maximum torque 41 kgm at 1800-2000 rpm.

carburetor (C-88) is arranged with two chambers, upper, with the incident flow, balancing with economizer device and the pump acceleration is also supplied with a pneumatic centrifugal regulator of the crankshaft speed. accelerator pump drive - mechanical. He mounted the two economizer valve - mechanical and pneumatic actuators. Lubrication system combined: under pressure, as well as the spraying. Initially included filters fine and coarse cleaning, are in one case

Motor Power -. Compulsory. Gasoline was supplied by the fuel pump (B-9) of the diaphragm type with two inlets and one outlet valve. Designed for gasoline A-76. Carter is ventilated forcibly. valve system, a closed type, the gases are sucked into the engine intake conduit. Air filter (VM-16) -. Oil-inertial type with two air purification steps

The vehicle was equipped with a liquid cooling system of a closed type, with forced circulation of coolant (using a water pump of the centrifugal type)

The transmission includes a single-plate dry clutch with a mechanical drive; 3-Way 5-speed gearbox (5 speeds forward and one back, transfer 5 - line) with 2 synchronizers inertial type to enable the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th gears; driveline with 2 cardan shafts, intermediate support and 3 by hinges; 2-speed GP and bevel gear differential with 4 satellites and a fully floating axles. Synchronizers are required in order to facilitate gear changes and serve to equalize the rates of the master and slave CAT rollers in the transition from one to another transmission

The main transfer -. Double, with a pair of bevel gears with spiral teeth and a pair of cylindrical gears with oblique teeth. Gear ratio is 6.45. Differential - conical (with 4 satellites)

The front axle is designed as a steel, forged, I-beam.. dependent type suspension, in longitudinal semi-elliptic springs, hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers 2 outside impact in the front part and at the rear with additional springs.

Frame riveted composed of 2 steel forged spar channel section variable profile fastened 5th crossmembers. Towing device with a rubber shock absorber disposed on the rear crosspiece.

The steering mechanism is a screw with a nut, with Gur. The brake system consists of a working foot drum brakes, drum type, all-wheel pneumatic and parking manual drum brake drum, mechanically operated on the transmission.

On the tractor installed combined brake valves, the remaining single.

disc wheels, the size of 7,0-20, with side locks and split rings secured by studs 8. Tire Size - 9,00-20 "(260-20) electrical system -.. 12-volt, direct current, with one wire at minus body Source- T 130, W 350, amperage 28 A, and the battery 6- PT-78 or PT-6-81

Starter -. ST130, 1.5 hp (1.2 kW)

Cab-metal spot 3,. with heater, wiper with 2 brushes and device windshield washer. Inside has single adjustable driver's seat and 2-seater passenger seat. 2 hatches are provided in the roof of the cabin.

On-board platform made of wood, with fittings of of metal, meta llicheskimi transverse bars base and with 3 flaps.

The fuel tank capacity of 170 liters is located on the left frame side member.

The spare wheel is mounted under the body in the folding holder of the right frame longitudinal member. < / p>

in the future, we produced a lot of modifications of the car ZIL-130 spare parts for which you can choose and buy in our online store.

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