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Spares engine ZIL 130

ZIL engine presented multi-cylinder engine with a carburetor. The capacity is 150 liters. from. The maximum speed of 90 km / h.

eight cylinder V-shaped facing, the angle between them is 90 degrees, reduce its overall length and provide an opportunity with high convenient and affordable set external hardware to it.

right on the engine put the oil pump and the generator. On the left - a tank and pump power steering, oil gauge and starter. The collapse between cylinders located carburetor, fuel pump, the air filter vent the crankcase, the oil filter, the interrupter valve and inlet conduit.

In front of the engine is a water pump, air compressor and filter pulley belt transmission, and fan.

crank mechanism

KSHM includes a crankshaft, cranks which via connecting rods are connected to pistons of cylinders. The crankshaft and camshaft are connected to gears, and this is achieved by their concerted effort. By cam camshaft through pushers and rod movement rocker, which also opens the valves, and to the sockets valves are pressed by means of springs.

When you work all the details of the mechanisms should be subjected to lubrication, cooling and workflows provides power and ignition of combustible mixture. The lubrication system takes the oil surface of the parts subjected to friction. Coolant collects excess heat and also eliminates the possibility of overheating the engine parts. The power supply system prepares a combustible mixture for the job, and the ignition system produces current. The spark ignites the combustible mixture current.

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