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Ppc and transfer case

Gearbox Parts ZIL-130

It is completed with a mechanical 3-way transmission with 5 stages (5 forward gears, 1 - ago). In the box are 2 synchro inertial type, necessary to enable the second, third, fourth and fifth gears. The housing is installed on the input shaft bearings (aka master) formed with the helical gear and the toothing to fit to include a fifth direct transmission. The shaft bore put cylindrical roller bearing, which rests on the secondary shaft. Bottom housing has an intermediate shaft with an installed rigid way on her spur pinion, which is constantly meshed with mainshaft gear and helical gear 2nd, 3rd, 4th gears. Also, the shaft has a pinion with straight teeth for reverse and first gear. Splined output shaft should spur gear-carriage to include first transmission and reverse, and the carriage gear synchronizers. The secondary shaft has a pinion which are not fixed rigidly to enable the 2nd, 3rd, 4th gear is in constant mesh with countershaft gears. Bottom Tide housing rigidly standing axis on which the cylindrical roller bearings of the gear unit should reverse. Most of his gear is permanently engaged with the gear of the intermediate shaft. The cavity inside the casing is filled with liquid oil for transmission and close the lid, inside which there is a mechanism for changing gears, similar to GAZ-53A.

Transfer box on ZIL

ZIL-131 is equipped with 2-way transfer box, which has two output shafts, which rotate on ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings. The advantages of these bearings include that they do not need to be adjusted both during assembly and during use of the vehicle, as required by the conical. Roller Bearings in razdatke ZIL-157K.

Both devices are equipped with anti-razdatki Sleep transmission. The transfer box Zil-157K, such a device is on the drive shaft and the drive shaft of the front axle in the form of splines, with different thickness and which form a ledge which abuts with the clutch carriage when the Sleep.
On Zil-157K single-loop set 2- x step razdatku three-shaft output, which turn on tapered roller bearings.

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