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The axis of the front

Front axle Zil-130

is produced with a continuous punched fork type. Cylindrical pins are provided with 2 flats under the wedge, which are at an angle of 90 degrees relative to each other, allowing to turn the bolt in case of one-sided wear.

Assembling Front axle Zil

During assembly, front axle upper bearing washer must be so that its end face with an annular groove was by lugs beam, and grooves for the lower support washer oil duct need to be treated to the upper bearing washer. Maximum angle of the inner turning wheel relative to the rotation center to the right side is 34 degrees to the left - 36 degrees, thereby providing good control and the ability to maneuver the car. The angles of rotation is set with the help of stop bolts levers steering knuckle, which in hard-nosed boss on the axle beams.

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