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Engine a-41

A-41 engine for tractor D-162, DT-75, DZ-42

A motor 41 is put on the tractor D-162, DT-75, RS-42, manufactured VPP. The power of this device is 145 hp of torque at 1750 rev / min. The engine 4-stroke, four-cylinder, diesel, fuel direct injection. The diameter of the cylinders is 130 cm, the piston stroke is 140 mm. Rotate the crankshaft clockwise, the cylinders work in order 1-3-4-2. Generator power 700 W at a current of 14 V. With liquid cooling system, the closed-type centrifugal pump provides water circulation

Nozzles used with multistage type sputtering labeling -. M6A1-20S 1 B. The fuel pump (A4TN10H10) with metering fuel cutoff at the end of his supply. Engine lubrication occurs under pressure, together with a conventional spray pattern. NS running from the crankshaft.

crankshaft and camshaft

The rear crankshaft journal mounted oil deflection washer, and a flywheel is attached to the flange of the shank. A crankshaft bearings 41, main bearings 7 are composed as connecting rod of the two inserts. With the wear and tear of the crankshaft journals need to be reground inserts under a reduced size.

Camshaft, moves from the crankshaft by means of gears. With the rotation of the camshaft lobes move pushers, transmits motion to the valves, closing and opening them in the prescribed manner. Closes the valve springs. On the camshaft 12 has cams and journals 7. Metal induction-harden for strength. Camshaft bearing lubrication occurs under pressure from the common rail.

Interestingly, during engine operation, the valves are rotated also by vibrations and impacts springs. Valve stem and the chamfer on the valve plate with the tread depth.

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