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Coupling rma-14, rma-18

Clutch SMD-14 and SMD-18 tractor DT-75

The clutch (MS) need to transmit torque of a diesel engine on a tractor working bodies. On SMD-14 and SMD-18 put friction, 2-disc, constantly-closed clutch.

MS includes leading and trailing part and turn off the engine. Top portions include intermediate disk, pressure plate, led include two driven wheels and shaft. In diesel engines 14BN, 15BN, 17H, 18H, 21, 22, 22A leading wheels are secured to the flywheel via the three fingers and the top plate through the fork and the spring pins with the casing, attaches the flywheel. On the driven discs torsional vibration absorbers are arranged spring-friction type. Eight coil spring located at the circumference of the hub flange are resilient damper element. Discs absorbers fastened to the hub by rivets.

Driven wheels are clamped between the end faces of the flywheel, and the intermediate pressure plate by means of compression springs. MS shaft rotates in the front and rear ball podshipn. Each disc has a hub and moves it along the shaft coupling. From the frictional forces which occur between the surfaces of the flywheel, pressure, intermediate and driven disks, clamped by means of spring force, torque from the crankshaft is given via a flywheel, the intermediate and the pressure wheels driven disks and shaft MS.

clutch off using switch mechanism including a release lever, the lever bolt, crackers, adjusting nut body, the coupling off, the lid off the coupling housing, the coupling sleeve off, except it has a thrust ring levers, the lever with the stop fork ayboy. To turn off the clutch pedal must be depressed in the cabin.

leverage the movement given to the release fork, which shifts the clutch off ahead. Bush pressing the levers, turning on axles, shift through the squeezing pressure plate bolts, thereby overcoming the spring force. With the pressure plate driven wheels are released, and stops the rotation transmission from the flywheel to the shaft. Leading. plates made removal of the intermediate disc. In a small gap or a lack of it happening bushing wear rings, cam release lever MS gives an incomplete torque slip, and with a large gap - the clutch is not fully turned off .

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