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The carriage suspension

The carriage suspension for a tractor DT-75

The carriage tractor model DT-75 looks like a trolley, which includes inner and outer balancers. Balancers articulated manner interconnected via the swing axis. Below balancers are installed in pairs and supporting rollers on the top of rocker bursting with a cylindrical spring-spring.

External balancer easily sits on a pin transverse frame bar. The bias in the outer sides of the carriage suspension protects the pin. The displacement of the pivot inside the tractor carriage is held by a cap secured to the outer rocker. To prevent leakage of grease or its contamination on the external rocker give seals.

Immobility ligament swing axis and internal balance provide by means of prefabricated wedge which includes a split sleeve round tapered wedge with a threaded shank and a cap nut .

Below there is the balancing of the head, in which the bores to tapered roller bearings are fixed roller axis. On an axis are pressed steel road wheels mounted on the axle nut and prizmatichnoy keyed. grease leakage or the ingress of foreign contaminants into it is prevented by the seal on the hub of the supporting roller itself. Also there is an additional labyrinth in order to protect from dirt and dust.

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