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Steering wheel

DT-75 wheel for steering the tractor

rotates on two tapered roller bearings arranged on the pivot axis of the crank. Bearings are regulated by a nut. Crank axle can be rotated in two bushings zapressovanyh a support frame. Bushings lubricated with grease through the grease cup support.

tensioner caterpillars

On tractor DT-75 is set crank type mechanism which includes the tab, the front bracket, the clamping bolt, resistant bullseye with nut for adjustment and thrust frame bracket. A spring disposed on the clamping bolt act as guard track circuit overload that may occur in contact with various foreign objects into the inner treadmills caterpillars, either upon naskakivaniya vertex tooth directly on the filling pipe member. Furthermore, springs can mitigate shocks that may occur in the time of contact with the idler obstacle.

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