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Roller supports, caterpillar

Roller support for caterpillar tractor DT-75

The roller rotates freely on the outer and the inner ball bearing cylindrical roller bearing. Both bearings are mounted on the axle which in turn simultaneously with the bracket attached by bolts to the tractor frame. Cast iron hub roller has an outer portion shaped thrust collars and in the interior of the bore to the bearings.

on the rim, until abutment against the ribs, nadsazheny interchangeable rubber bandages clamped via the seal housing and the shield at the forward roller on the and the hub cap with oil filler neck into the cavity of the bearing. Rubber tires help to reduce the sliding tracks at the time of rolling of the rollers reduce noise from rolling and shock loads on the video details. Before installing tires on rims, support rollers mounted cast together with the hub. The DT-75M chassis provided in the same design as that of the tractor DT-75 last years of release.

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