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Tractor Transmission DT-75

On the DT-75 mounted manual transmission with moving gears, which provide for 7 speeds forward and one for reverse. With the active UKM and one of the shows first, second or reverse the tractor 2 receives respectively reduced backup speeds forward and 1 reverse gear downshifts. Transmission mechanism is mounted in the front compartment Gearbox housing and the rear axle. The bore of the front and rear wall of the front housing compartment bearings are shaft 4.

Primary shaft is mounted on a roller and ball bearings. The outer surface of the input shaft, with the exception of only the bearing neck, slotted. Inside the shaft freely passes PTO drive shaft end. At the rear end there is a groove with the wiper hole which does not flow smoothly from the rear bridge in the internal cavity of the MSN shafts.

Two front ring with the left lock secured by the MSN prohibit the flow of oil from the MSN in the CAT and 1 ring by the transmission with the right lock complicates oil peretok of CAT in the MSN. A secondary shaft is done in tandem with a leading bevel gear GP, donating a rotation of the rear axle gears. It is located at the bottom of the front housing compartment under the primary shaft. The front end of the output shaft in abutment on the ball bearing is pressed into the bore in the glass facing the front wall CAT compartment. This glass is mounted on the housing wall by means of 4 bolts which zakontrenny wire.

reversing shaft is mounted on the left and a little bit lower than the input shaft (provided that we look on the front of the PPC), and has under it the left side, there is an additional shaft. Structurally they are identical, in their middle part are slots and at the ends of the smooth cylindrical neck with vpressovanymi collars bearing

On Slots additional shaft mounted three gears:. Permanent engagement blocks 5th and 6th gears and 7th gear transmission. Constant mesh gear fixed on the shaft and is splined with a retaining ring and is continuously engaged with reverse pinion shaft, in consequence actuated ext. shaft. provided the primary rotation and the reverse shaft.

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