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Transfer the final

Transfer final tractor DT-75

is needed for transmitting the rotation of the rear axle to the driving wheels and a significant increase Kutya given off points. Tractor DT-75 put the two identical (mirrored) the final transfer of both the right of the rear axle and the left

The principle of the final drive -. Decrease in the number of revolutions corresponding to the increase in torque in the final drives comes with a pair of spur gears, large and small slave master. The gears are located in the cast iron body, a flange attached to the side wall of the rear axle housing. The outdoor mounting of the driven shesternri bottom, the bottom cover is attached a steel receive the impact of stones and protecting and covering the body. Inclined ribs cover protects the cast iron body from the stones. In the cylindrical bore of the body mounted final drive gear. Pinion stands on 2 roller bearings, their inner cage molded into the neck of the gears and the outer molded into the bore of the housing. Inner ring bearings in tandem with attached ring is mounted on the neck of the pinion. Axial displacement of the outer race of the bearing is restrained by means of clamps ends of the housing and the centering collar of the cover. Extra-ring and clamp the bearing yokes restrain axial displacement of the pinion.

The axial movement of the inner bearing race on the one hand limit the shoulder pinion, on the other by means of a stopping brake hub pulley mounted on the splined end of the gear. Rods of semicircular shape at one end included in the annular grooves the driving gear and the second bolts are attached to the boss on the pulley rim. Rubber ring included in the groove of a pulley hub suited to sharpening the end pinion. It protects against the ingress of oil into the final drive, through the gaps of splines in dry compartments rear axle brakes.

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