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Attachments for tractors DT-75

Before connecting the equipment mounted and semi-mounted req. producing adjustment adjusting mechanism 2-or 3-htochechnoy scheme. In the case of 2-point adjustment of the lower and upper thrust relates displaced. the longitudinal axis to the desired value. The guns are fixed as follows: put the tractor necessary so that the longitudinal axis coincides with the axis of the implement rack and lowered adjusting mechanism was at a distance of 1.5 m from the gun. Then it is necessary to extend the maximum blocking chain. By attaching all thrust necessary to lift tool in the highest position, and after lifting them slightly pulled to adjust the length of the interlocking chain so that when sharp bends with an elevated instrument end lower links with a gun shifted no more than 30 mm to either side.

With adjustable chain length is necessary that the cylinder piston is in the extreme position at the top, and the adjusting mechanism in the raised position or the length of the chain will not be enough.

changing positions of the center. head lower links on the bottom axis adjusting mechanism, and the lengths of the braces, and to adjust the length of the chain latching circuits. Means before the shift and the central head before adjustment of the lengths of the braces need to maximize the length of the locking circuits and adjust them as described above. Before the first departure to choose the operating position of attachments. Quality of work largely depends on a uniform deepening of working bodies mounted implement.

Uniform recesses guns comprising one support wheel is controlled by changing the length of the upper link. In operation the tractor with implements which have a working width of the support wheels uniform working depth is obtained by setting the diagonals to free run.

When using mounted implements connected by a tractor by a two-point circuit, after adjustments uniform deepening is necessary to check the stability of the machine running. In a case where unit deviates from a straight line movement, the front head moves lower arm on the lower axis. With the departure of the unit left the head of the lower links paired with rods and stops are moved to the right side and fix it in the new position. With the swing to the right head to be shifted to the left. In working with a wide grip mounted implements, having in the arsenal of two support wheels, shells inclination in the longitudinal and vertical planes is adjusted by changing the length of the upper link. In the operative position the inclination guns toward the tractor must be increased by shortening the top link and reduced by lengthening the top link. In work with mounted and semi-mounted implements trailed need to remove the bracket and place it on the pins in order to avoid damage.

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