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Coupling tractor T-70

Coupling tractor T-70 powder with one disk, continuously-closed. INSTALLATIONS dry compartment housing comp. diesel and CPR. Leading part of coupling T-70 is a flywheel, pressure plate and the support wheels. The pressure plate is made of cast iron, with 3 lugs which are arranged on the circumference and engage in corresponding holes of the support disc. The release lever to attach to the lugs. Between disc (abutment. And pressure.) T-70 compression springs 12 are arranged. Springs with a hardcore party in the glasses themselves platter, on the other - in the pressure plate socket

The structure of the slave drive includes hub, connecting the disk with friction linings, as well as the buffer device.. On the connecting disk stamped radial slots. Radial holes helps to reduce the rigidity and increase the attachment of friction linings to the buffed surface of the flywheel friction and disc pressure.

Friction lining made partly of asbestos, they have ventilation grooves to improve heat removal and purification of the friction surfaces from wear products. Lining rivets are riveted to the coupling disc. Between the plate and the coupling plate 6 arranged leaf springs. This design makes it possible to switch the clutch more gently. When the clutch spring to actively take a flat form and at the disconnected disk thickness larger by 1-1.5 mm.

The slave disk is connected to the hub by eight rubber dampers facing grooves in the driven discs and bounding that riveted to the hub . The slave disk soedenon the hub facing splined clutch shaft not rigidly but by a flexible device which promotes soft inclusion adhesion and reduce its dynamic load transmission.

Slow and shaft stop, and during the disconnecting clutch occur via tormozka. Drive plate tormozka with friction lining is mounted on the shaft with spline locking ring. Slotted hub slips tormozka moves on the slots on the brackets strains. A shaft is braked during compression tormozka drives. Forcing the bearing can move the bracket slips by turning the plug or its shaft.
The shaft plug replaces its direction lever, which is connected with the thrust lever of the pedal and the lever inclusion tormozka.

set foot on the lever. When she was depressed to turn off the clutch, the force is given by a rod and lever directly on the shaft clutch and pull the trigger lever tormozka. off shaft moves forks using slips which diverts the pressure plate and compresses the spring, thereby releasing the clutch disc. Releasing the pedal, the pressure plate springs back to its initial position, which also results in the clutch on state.

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