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Frame, suspension, transmission

Frame, suspension, transmission to the tractor T-70

skeleton T 70 includes a half-frame, which is manufactured using a 2-spars, which are connected with each other by the front beam and GMR housing as well as transmission enclosures rear axle and the final drive housing. The front and rear parts of it podressorivaetsya with four circular transversely extending torsion bars (2 pcs. In the front and the rear).

Suspension T-70 is composed of front and rear pipes levers hinges and elastic elements. Elastic elements audio other than the round tubes installed in torsion. On both sides of the rear axle housing is a pair of final drive. Both are in the form of 2-hstupenchatyh gearboxes with steps in separate housings.

Chassis includes crawler tracks supporting rollers, and the leading guide wheels, caterpillar chains directly suspension itself.

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