Агрінол Sending oil. Tap-15, l az.20 from Motor-Agro Kharkiv Ukraine

Sending oil. Tap-15, l az.20

996.00 грн

TAP-15V - is intended for the lubrication of transmissions of trucks, road construction equipment and gears (spur, spiralnokonicheskih and worm gears, in which the contact stresses reach 2000 MPa and an oil temperature 130 ° C ). The average climate zone multigrade used at temperatures up to minus 25 ° C

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from 830 to 1700 GMT+3

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Oil sending. TAP-15, AZ.20 l (pcs) Batteries for Agrnol order/buy the online store MOTOR-AGRO. Delivery to any city in Ukraine.

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