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The company PKP "Motor-Agro" starts its history since 1995, indicating that the long-term experience in the field of distribution and production of spare parts for agricultural machinery, both domestic and foreign production. Stability and years of experience have allowed to develop partnerships with various suppliers (manufacturing plants) from Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Poland and Kazakhstan, which indicates the quality, authenticity and minimal cost of spare parts.

Our company is located in the city of Kharkov on the street. Autogenous and 12 (metro them. Maselskogo AS / district Yuzhkabel plant) and has extensive production and warehouse base. Availability of warehouses allows you to quickly respond to customer orders, as most of the parts we have in stock. The nomenclature of spare parts that are available is quite extensive - from bearings, belts, various fasteners (bolts, nuts, washers, etc.), reference books and catalogs, repair kits and ending with heavy-weight parts for combines and tractors domestically they are imported.

Apart from having its own storage facilities as one of the advantages of cooperation with our company, we have manufacturing facilities and trained staff, which allows us to speak about another advantage of our company - the possibility to make a variety of unusual and rare items, items that are on today is no commercially available as well as the possibility of repair (restoration work) Gearbox, gears, bearings and other parts, components and assemblies.

The structure of our company include purchasing department (parts purchasing department) and the sales department, which deals with customer consultation, selection and implementation of spare parts and other products, as well as a division of logistics (freight forwarding).

With regard to the main objectives of the enterprise, it is the most rapid response to customer request and ensure that it is only the quality of spare parts in the shortest possible time. Systematic cooperation with our company allows you to move to a system of discounts for regular and wholesale customers.

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Parts manufacturing facilities for tractors and combines on your drawings!

If it is not found in the needed parts catalog, the Motor-Agro experts as soon as possible ready to make it in the required amount according to your drawings.

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