Starting engines

Starting engines

It is a subsidiary of ICE. The people also called puskachom. The principle is that the main engine is started a second motor of small capacity. This method is applied to various tractors. Starting engine in most usually two-stroke carburetor capacity approximately of approximately 10% powerful. main engine. In spite of the archaic nature and some inconvenience, it provides a reliable start under all operating conditions. The tractor unit can be operated either far from the places where it is possible to monitor the status of the battery. Puskach connected to a liquid-cooled, we are, so you can warm up the main engine. Starting same triggered manually or by a small electric power starter. In the case of a manual start, the battery completely optional, with ma ignition is powered by a magneto. After start-up and warm-up with-we Cooling. the operator by means of a friction clutch connects puskovooy and main engine.

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