Tractor mtz-80, mtz-82, mtz-1221

Wheel tractors "Belarus" models of MTZ-80, MTZ-80L, 82L-MT are versatile agricultural tractors.

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Tractor mtz-80, mtz-82, mtz-1221

Spare parts for tractors MTZ-80, MTZ-80l, 82l MTZ MTZ-1221

lineup of tractors MTZ-80 traction class 1.4 in the manufacture of the unit with a variety of mounted, semi-mounted and trailed implements and machines. Used in agriculture in many countries around the world. They are used in the general purpose work, row crop processing and harvesting row crops, to carry out transport operations (throughout the year), for the drive of active working bodies of mobile and stationary machines. In addition, they can be aggregated with bulldozers, excavators, loaders, earth borer.

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