PKP "Motor-Agro" has its own production capacity that allows to perform works of various kinds, types and complexity.

The list of works and equipment

1. Turning

We produce a variety of bushings, shafts, pins and other standardized products or the customer's drawings. The maximum possible dimensions of products: external diameter - to 250mm, length - up to 400mm, in some cases up to 500mm

2.. Turning work

- centerless grinding

- The center grinding

- flat polishing (product length 200-300mm)

3. Drilling work

We have in the arsenal of the drilling and radial drilling machines

4. Milling


6 work on boring. for metal cutting work

It is possible to carry out metal cutting using a band saw and plasma-gas cutting.

Manufacturing of products, consumables and spare parts according to your drawings < / h3>

We are focused on long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation so that we offer products and services always meet the high quality, competitive price, and the lowest possible manufacturing / delivery time.

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We call you back

MOTOR-AGRO recommends

Parts manufacturing facilities for tractors and combines on your drawings!

If it is not found in the needed parts catalog, the Motor-Agro experts as soon as possible ready to make it in the required amount according to your drawings.

For more information and orders please call directly to the engineering department:
+38 057 714 64 98