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Axle front and rear axle

Rear axle ZIL-130

On the rear axle of the truck mounted double main gear, the torque is transmitted through 2 pairs of gears - bevel and cylindrical. Bevel gear is made with the shaft and allows the rotation of the driven bevel gear fixed to the flange of the intermediate shaft. Small cylindrical gear is made with the intermediate shaft and drives a large cylindrical gear which is fixed to the differential case, and it turns bearing bores of the rear axle housing. Torque from large cylindrical gears through the differential axis and transmitted to the driving wheels

Differential -. Conical with 4 satellites. Includes 2 detachable cups, crosses with the satellites, which are in engagement with the side gears arranged in slots semiaxes.

Semiaxis made unloaded type, with outer flanges at the ends, which pins are attached hub of the drive wheels. The hub axle housing stands on a 2-tapered roller bearings. Cuffs do not allow the lubricant to flow from the hub. crankcase ventilation breather implemented. For the purpose of draining / refilling oil sump holes are provided that cover the screw plugs.

Front axle ZIL-130

Includes beam and pivot pins. At the ends of the vertical beams has holes for mounting pins that provide an articulated coupling of the beam with rotating pins. On one side pins have flats for holding them against rotation in the aperture of the beam in which they are fixed with the wedge pins.

swivel pin with a flange, the outside of which vertically is 2 protrusions with sleeves in cat-s are the ends of the pins. Thus right and left pivot pins, while rotating on pivots, is pivotable in a horizontal plane in two directions. In order to facilitate the steering wheel between the beam and the lower lip of the flange pins are supporting washers.

On the pivot pin are roller bearings, which rotates with the front wheel hub. Inner bearing rings seated on the stud neck and the outer - pressed into the socket wheel. Bearings regulated bolts, lockable via a lock ring, washer and the self-locking nut. Inside the hub to a flange mounted brake drum. On the outer hub flanges have holes for press studs, which are put on wheels steering wheels.

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