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Cartridge, mm.

Maximum temperature, °С

Disk thickness, mm

Height in working condition, mm

Current at the inlet

Power, W

Blade Length, mm

Welding current, and

Total length, mm

Thickness of the handle, mm

Noise level, dB

Turning angle of chute, °С

Network Cord Length, M

Tilt angle

Storage temperature, °C

Screwdriver length, mm

Overall dimensions, cm

Carving internal

Battery capacity, Ah

Paint consumption, ml/min

Number, units.

Height in folded form, mm

Width of propyl, mm

Current at the exit

line of sight

Maximum depth of propyl, mm

Electrode diameter, mm

Dimensions, mm.


Length of the canvas, m

Grinding paper size, mm

Laser wavelength, nm

Angle of inclination, °С

Operating range, nm

Stroke frequency, move/min


Level length, mm

Wire diameter, mm

idling speed, rpm

Air consumption, l/min

Maximum power, W

power, kWt

Length, mm.

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Height, see

Number of pockets

Accumulator charge time


Number of teeth, pcs

Width of the canvas, mm

Size of grinding soles, mm


Power consumption

Maximum length cutting tiles, mm

Measurement accuracy, mm

Quantity in the set, units.

Voltage, B.

engine`s type

Receiver volume, l

Length, M.

Modes of work


Maximum depth of propyl


Isolation class

Working pressure, atm

Carving under tripod


Drill diameter, mm


Length in folded form, mm

Rockwell`s hardness, HRC

Warranty, month

Maximum effort, nm

Volume of fuel tank, ml

Maximum drilling diameter, mm

Mother regulator

Hose diameter, mm

Diameter cutters, mm

Grinding ribbon size, mm

Lifting height, mm

Height, mm.


Equipment, hail

Tank volume, ml

Machine height, cm

Nm Torque

Measurement range, m

Maximum effort, kg

Material of manufacture

Overall dimensions, mm

Bandwidth, l/min

Supply voltage, in

Oil tank volume, ml

The diameter of the planting hole, mm



Tape speed, m/min

Width, mm.

Level length, see

Network frequency


Work desk, mm

The presence of reverse

Tooth step, mm

The number of units in the set, units.

Number of steps, units.

Power consumption, W

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Tire, mm.

Disk diameter, mm

Volume tube, ml

Length working part, mm

The diameter of the base, mm

Type of cartridge

Height in the unfolded form, m

Treatment Depth, mm

Profile thickness, mm

Corner of feeding, hail

Hose length, m

Operating temperature, °С

Number of speeds

Protection class


Fastening type, hail

Circle diameter, mm

Rotation speed, rpm

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Shank diameter, mm

Chain braking time, sec

Maximum length, m

Venchik diameter, mm

Energy hit, j

Height, M.

The diameter of the nozzle, mm

Weight, kg

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A type


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Axis diameter, mm

Working pressure, bar

Laser Power, MW

Spindle carving

Platform size, mm

Size, mm.

Temperature, °С


Retal range compensator


Length of the canvas, mm

Strike Frequency, Ud/Min

Length in folded form, m

Constant output current, and

Volume, cubic meters

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The temperature of the external environment, °С

Speed ​​of the chain at idle, m/s


Cut the angle, °С

Long shoulder, mm

Diameter inner, mm


Permanent terms


Collet clamp, mm

Number of idle speed, rpm

Double-sided scale

Airflow, l/min

Height Studs, mm

Maximum thickness of steel aluminum wood, mm

Diameter external, mm

Size of the saw disk, mm

Volume of fuel tank, l

Powder, mm

The length of propil, mm

Maximum drilling diameter

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Measurement range, mm


Key dimensions, mm

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